Walking On Water With Weeble

As I ponder religion, I constantly pose this question: What happened to believing in yourself?
I suppose the answer lies in the apparent fact that we, as humans, have decided to completely forego blame in our everyday lives. If the majority belief was that everything that occurred in our lives [good, bad, neutral], was our own fault, it would mean admitting the hardships in our lives are of our own making, and therefore, could potentially have been avoided.
Of course, it would also mean that that every positive outcome is a direct result of our own actions, but as the is the norm, the negative outweighs the positive; in this case, we would gladly give up responsibility for the positive results in our lives if it means we are able to dodge blame for any and all negative occurrences.
Is the weight of  blame and the responsibility of one's own life too much to bear? If you subscribe to the belief that we were made in "God's" image, then it shouldn't be. Jesus took responsibility for ALL of mankind's inequities, so are we saying that we are "less" than God, yet also still made in His "likeness"? That's contradictory.
If everything, good or bad, that happens is all apart of God's "plan", where does free will fit in? A "plan" is a predetermined set of events that will happen, and free will is the freedom to choose every path you ever take in life. So combining the two ideas would essentially mean that God's "plan" is our "plan", in that every possible thing that could ever happen as a direct result of our actions has been laid out previously and infinitely. Every possibility exists and free will is the vehicle of potentiality that enables us to travel from one possibility to the next.
Taking a step back, if we're made in His "image", that's saying that we are similar in nearly every way. Similar, but not the exact same. And we are, essentially, one step removed from God. Being that God creates WITHOUT effort, and we create WITH effort. God says, "Let there be light!" and boom...there's light. We say' "Let there be light!", flick a light switch, and there's light. In lay-man's terms,  we're one step removed because of the tiny step in-between thought and result. That tiny step is what we describe as "effort".
But wait, what about thought? Is an idea not REAL when it's in your head? Does that cancel out the step that makes us only "similar" to God, yet "not the same"? Or, is thinking the thought the effort?
I personally believe that being able to understand THIS train of thought and the ability to understand what lies at the end requires evolutionary progress that humans have yet to achieve as a species.
But what do I know?....I still believe in myself.