Consignment Sales

Even if you have an active eBay account and are fairly familiar with selling on eBay, we’ll most likely be able to command a higher selling price for your items by selling them for you.
Here’s why…

  • Feedback Score
  • Product Images
  • Product Descriptions
  • Sales Copy
  • Customer Service
  • eBay Consignment Fees
  • Terms & Conditions
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The amount of feedback an eBay seller often determines the selling price. Those who have more feedback attract more buyers and those buyers are willing to pay what the item is truly worth. Sometimes more...a lot more.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. On eBay, the right picture might be worth $1,000.00! Inexperienced eBay sellers greatly underestimate how pictures help sales.
Beginners generally do not take and post enough images of their items. Also, their pictures are usually not of good enough quality to show the ‘awesomeness’ of the item.
We have a photography “studio” set up in our office. Using different colored backgrounds, lighting, etc. all makes a difference in the attractiveness of an image.
This attention to detail can make or break a selling price.


Words matter. To get item listings found, an eBay seller must know where to put what words so the search engines find their products first. This takes research and the wisdom of experience.
If you’re the casual eBay seller, chances are, items we list will show up to potential buyers over your listing, every time. This is because we know how to research the exact words people are using when they look for items they want to buy.


Great pictures and keywords matter but it’s the sales copy that closes a deal. Using just the right words which motivate buyers is a skill that takes time to perfect. It takes a while to get this down pat but over the we’ve gotten pretty good at it.


It’s not enough just to list an item. To keep your feedback rating high, you’ve got to respond to customer questions in a timely manner. And, how you respond is equally important. We respond to sales inquiries almost immediately. And, over the years, We've learned how to work with even the most difficult customers so that both parties get what they want and leave the bargaining table satisfied!

"We can turn  what you thought was worthless into cold, hard cash!"

Ready to turn your clutter into cash? Here’s how it works…

The process is simple.
Email us to discuss the items you want to sell.
We’ll let you know, upfront, if your items are marketable and if we will agree to consign them.
Items may be dropped off at my office or, if within reasonable distance, we will travel to your location to collect the items.
Your stuff gets sold, and we both get paid.

eBay Consignment Fees

*We do not charge a listing fee. We only get paid when something sells. It costs zero dollars up front to become a consignment client of ours.
*Items sold for less than $250.00: 50/50 split of the final sale price.
*All eBay /PayPal fees associated with selling the item are to be paid by Felony Freedom LLC.
*Items sold between $250.01 to $500.00: 35% commission to Felony Freedom LLC and owner pays the PayPal and eBay fees.
*Sngle items selling over $500.01: 25% commission and owner pays the PayPal and eBay fees.

Shipping Fees

*eBay buyers pay for all shipping fees. However, sometimes we will recommend an item be listed with “Free Shipping” due to the unique nature of each item sold, and absorption of shipping fees into the product cost will be discussed after we’ve researched items and made our best recommendations.

NOTE: A cleaning fee will be assessed if any item needs to be cleaned before being listed. Additionally, an appraisal fee will be added as appropriate. Prices to be discussed prior to signing of contract.

Terms & Conditions

     After the contract and inventory list is signed, we begin listing your items. That said, at our discretion, we reserve the right to set the listing price and listing date.
All items are researched so as to make the most appropriate decision for listing price and listing date.
Research is conducted using paid marketing and auction software.
Prices and dates are set based on market research as well as our expert opinion.
Auction vs Fixed price will be adjusted, based on research.
Auctions may run from one day to ten days.
Fixed price will run every 30 days with “Make an Offer” set as an option. There is no guarantee as to whether an item will sell or in what time frame.
 We reserve the right to make the decision of setting the ‘Auction’ or ‘Fixed price’ option.


     Payments due the seller are sent once per month. After the item has been paid for, shipped, and the customer has confirmed by leaving feedback, the item will be available for monthly payment. Payments are sent the first week of every month. PayPal is also an option for payment and is preferred for it's convenience.

     So, if you're ready to become a consignment client, click the button below to send us an e-mail with pictures and brief descriptions of your items, and you'll hear from us soon after...

Contact Us

Send us a quick email, or call and leave a detailed message, and we'll be in contact shortly.