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    As the world exhales,
    diseased exhaustion overwhelms us.
    We wheeze in contaminated air as we lumber past,
    struggling, coughing, and glaring through disgusting judgmental eyes.
    This is our hot zone, right here, right now. 
    But who cares when the disposable die? 
    Pain has been passed forward, and the truly moral
    know we deserve a cold sweat-laced
    suffocating death, alone, chained to a
    hospital bed.
    "No intensive care for this one doc
    He's below us doc.
    Below the winter grass doc.
    Below the clay lining Victorian cesspools doc. 
    No… Let 'em go doc. 
    Let 'em go."
    Viral clouds linger among our 
    crowded bunks.
    Fugitives no more,
    we breathe in and hope to meet God

    -Todd Deal, Lansing Correctional Facility, Lansing, Kansas